Drive Through Book Drop Reopens Monday, May 18, 2020 9am

As part of our phased reopening, our drive through book drop on the North side of the building will reopen Monday, May 18 at 9 am for returns.

However, there’s no rush, as we are giving our patrons a grace period for fines and overdues – everything checked out immediately before our emergency closure has been given a due date of June 9th. So feel free to return your items later in the week if it’s convenient for you. We actually would appreciate it if you waited a day or two because we’ll probably be swamped on Monday!

Only the drive through book drop will be open for returns at this time, as patrons will not be allowed to enter the library during this phase of our reopening. Also please note that returned items may not be checked in immediately due to workflow changes. So if you turn something back in and it’s not immediately removed from your account that day, no need to worry. They will be checked in within several days and will be back-dated to the day you returned them.

We are also resuming other services soon, like curbside checkout – see our Director’s note for more details!